HEADLINE: We are delighted to let you know that The Buck Inn will reopen at 12pm on Saturday 4th July!

It’s a pretty confusing time for us all…who can you meet up with, inside or outside, 2 metres or 1 metre plus……and then the pubs reopen but children can’t go back to school……we get it….it’s very frustrating and difficult to understand some of the logic, but we have been given the guidance and we are going to try to follow it to the best of our ability.  We are here to offer good food, good drink and good company….we are not scientific experts, we are just trying to open our pub up to you and hope you all keep safe and have a bit of fun doing so…..

We are lucky in one respect that we have a lot of space to work with, but conversely we have a lot of space to try and manage in a safe way!

To that end, following the government’s guidance closely, we have made the following decisions for the ‘new normal’ at The Buck.  We know there are things that will need tweaking and changing, this is unprecedented territory for us all, but we hope you can bear with us while we all get used to it.  We have had to reduce our capacity inside, unfortunately we have had to temporarily remove the comfy seating area (fabric isn’t as easy to clean as wood….) but we are doing the best with what we have…


We have the space to viably consider the “2 metres, or 1 metre with risk mitigation if 2 metres is not viable” guidance. We have carefully balanced the guidance against the viability of the business, and are pleased to be able to offer 2 metre spacing between all outside tables and for tables within a specific area indoors, for customers who feel more comfortable with a larger spacing between tables.

The Bar:

We will be operating a one-way system through the pub, entering at the left hand door (the old reception entrance) and exiting though the main door.  A member of staff will meet you at the door, direct you to the hand sanitiser station, and then to a table (if you wish to eat/drink inside), or direct you to the bar to order if you are seated outside.  Outside tables will be on a first come first served basis, but we ask that you do not seat yourself at one, or join the queue for the bar, until the table has been cleared and cleaned by a member of staff and you are seated at the table.  Customers eating and drinking outside will be asked to order and pay for food & drinks at the bar.  We request that only one person from the table joins the queue and accesses the bar at any one time.  The one way system is marked with arrows on the floor.

We will operate table service inside to limit the flow of customers throughout the pub.  Once you are seated, you will be brought, as per the guidance, a disposable drinks and/or food menu if required, and a member of staff will take your order at the table.  The tables will have nothing on them until you are seated and have ordered. We have made the decision to use condiments in single use disposable containers, rather than sachets.  This is to pre-empt any concern about what happens to sachets brought out to tables that are subsequently unused.  Any leftovers will be disposed of after each customer.  Salt, pepper and vinegar will still be provided in dispensers that can be sanitised between customers.

Unfortunately to begin with, we will be unable to serve people without a designated table.  This is in order for us work within our ‘safe capacity’, so although it might seem heavy handed if you just fancy a quick pint, we ask that you please go with it for the moment until we find our feet.  We can’t wait to get back to chatting with our friends and customers at the bar, but we are just not able to do that yet.

All tables and chairs have been placed within social distancing guidelines, we ask that customers please do not move them.  Where moving a table could be done whilst maintaining social distancing, this must be decided by a member of staff only.

We will not be taking bookings exclusively to start with, but it would be advisable to book a table if you want to be guaranteed a seat.  The best way to book is via email at  Any phone enquiries before Friday 3rd may be met with a delay in replying.

As you approach the bar, the side bar is now for staff use only to pick up table service drinks orders.  Please proceed to the front of the main bar and stand behind the tape to order your drinks.

As in all systems there will always be exceptions, some of which we have considered but there are bound to be many we haven’t yet so please bear with us.  One consideration we have made is customers needing ramp access to the pub.  We only have one ramp into the pub, so an exception to the one-way system is for those customers who require that access.  A member of staff will facilitate safe entry into the pub for you.

Opening Hours:

We will be open daily from 12pm.  Food will be served between 12pm-3pm and 6pm-8.30pm.


The rooms will reopen on Monday 6th July.  Check in has been moved to 3pm to allow extra time for cleaning.


The toilets were always going to be a ‘pinch point’ regardless of the direction of the one-way system. We have 3 separate toilet facilities; ladies, gents & accessible.  We have considered all manner of options for maintaining safe social distancing, but have decided that a ‘one in, one out’ method is safest.  There will be a reversable, laminated sign on each door, which will display whether the toilets are vacant or engaged.  This means there can only be 1 person (the exception being parents with children) in each toilet area at a time.  If customers sanitise their hands before entering the toilet area and again after using the facilities, we believe this will minimise any risk of viral transfer.  We will however also include regularly sanitising the signs on our upscaled cleaning regime.  There will be a short queue set up outside of the toilet area, with some seating available for customers who find it difficult or uncomfortable to stand. 

Track & Trace:

We are required to keep a temporary record of customer names and contact details to assist NHS track and trace.  This data will be retained for 21 days, after which it will be destroyed.

It seems like a lot of rules, but we hope you can understand the need for them at this time.  We are just trying to follow guidance and hopefully we can all get used to our ‘new normal’ soon, and hopefully in the future get some way back to how it used to be.  Until then, stay safe, and we hope to see you soon. Jo & Jeremy 😊


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